Our Team

We are seasoned and accomplished professionals with expertise in law, business, communications, finance, government, social impact and special situations. We bring extensive experience to assist clients in navigating the most important and value-driving issues facing organizations today. Our team provides clients with integrated and holistic advisory services to address their needs, seize opportunities, and overcome challenges.

Jon Henes.jpg
Jon Henes
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tom Ogorzalek.jpg
Thomas Ogorzalek, Ph.D.
Head of Research & Data Analytics
Lucy Delgado.jpg
Lucy Delgado
Senior Associate
Lily Adami .png
Lily Adami
Luke Wolf.jpg
Luke Wolf
Executive Director
Brian Mathis.jpg
Brian Mathis
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Jen Whitbeck.jpg
Jen Whitbeck
Chief Operating Officer
Nour Abdelwahab.png
Nour Abdelwahab
Jojo Adler_.jpg
Jojo Adler
Vice President
Allegra Acevedo.png
Allegra Acevedo
Lisa Hernandez Gioia.jpg
Lisa Hernández Gioia
Head of Strategic Communications
Skye Parr.png
Skye Parr
Executive Director
Jess Liu.jpg
Jess Liu
Vice President
Anicia Gillespie.png
Anicia Gillespie
MS IV.jpeg
Maddie Sewani
Executive Director
Bre Pressey.png
Bre Pressey
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Tiana Betancourt.jpg
Tiana Betancourt
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Kavon Lee .png
Kavon Lee