What We Offer

Integrated Solutions for a Changing Landscape

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Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications team drives strategy and execution for their clients.

The Strategic Communications Group creates and executes tailored strategies that build, protect, and enhance reputations. Our team provides a customized approach to guide organizations and their leaders on effectively communicating business objectives to internal and external stakeholders.

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CEO Advisory

Provide sophisticated and commercial advice in every situation.

C Street serves as the trusted and experienced advisor to CEOs, C-Suites, Boards and Sponsors to meet the moment. Today’s leaders face a complex, fast-paced world and need sophisticated guidance to address financial, business, social, and political challenges. C Street’s team has advised leaders in many industries, including crypto-currency, retail, technology, automotive, energy, industrials, printing, media, radio broadcasting, television, healthcare, education, airlines, and publishing. C Street works with leaders on a daily basis to provide strategic advice as they navigate challenges and seize value-maximizing opportunities.


Special Situations

Skilled corporate leadership requires CEOs, C-Suites, and Boards of Directors to have trusted, experienced advisors that can guide them through turbulent economic times and help them strengthen their organizations. 

Our Special Situations team has decades of experience counseling CEOs, C-Suites and Boards of Directors across industries and through business challenges. With deep expertise in the private, public, philanthropic and government sectors, C Street offers clients the bespoke, strategic guidance they need to anticipate business trends, build diverse and inclusive companies, and create lasting value.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

The DEI Advisory group provides assessments and services to build value through making DEI systemic in organizations.

The DEI Advisory team provides a custom-designed approach to meet our clients’ needs. Our personalized solutions align with stakeholders’ goals to make DEI systemic in organizations. Our recommendations are data-driven and grounded in best practices gleaned from case studies, scientific discoveries, and decades of experience in the DEI space.