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C Street Launches New Group Dedicated to Liability Management Communications

Category-defining strategic communications advisory firm expands to support sponsors and their portfolio companies


February 13, 2024

New York


C Street Advisory Group, LLC (“C Street”), the leading strategy and communications firm focused on helping clients navigate their most complex situations, today launched a dedicated liability management communications group. This move serves to meet the increasing demand from sponsors and their portfolio companies as they prepare for, and communicate through, sophisticated and creative capital structure solutions. This dedicated group partners with clients and collaborates with their advisors to develop and deploy communications strategies that enable them to take charge of their financial transformation story with the media and all stakeholders. Leading the liability management communications group are Managing Directors, Luke Wolf and Whitney Fogelberg.

“Liability management transactions take time to develop, negotiate, launch, and close. The time between idea and consummation, combined with the range of credit parties at the table and a media competing to break stories, means that leaks are inevitable,” said Wolf. “Incomplete facts or misinformation can derail negotiations and heighten reputational risk, while putting additional pressure on businesses. It is critical for sponsors and management teams to develop and execute clear and strategic communications plans in lockstep with the transaction process.”

"The number of liability management transactions is increasing, and the structures of these transactions are becoming more creative and complex,” explained Fogelberg. “Clearly communicating to stakeholders and educating reporters requires a deep understanding of the nature of these transactions, their dynamics, and the players involved.”

C Street’s unmatched understanding of liability management transactions enables it to advise sponsors and their portfolio companies and collaborate with their professionals in unique, creative, and powerful ways. The establishment of a dedicated group focused on liability management marks an important extension of C Street’s market-defining restructuring group. C Street combines unique restructuring experience with world class communications expertise, which has enabled C Street to disrupt the strategy and communications market and provide clients with groundbreaking advice, leadership, and support.

About C Street Advisory Group

Founded by Jon Henes in 2021, C Street Advisory Group is a strategy and communications firm that has redefined how clients navigate their most complex and unique financial and operational situations. The C Street team brings decades of unparalleled expertise in “bet the company” moments and vast experience solving problems while maximizing value and opportunities for clients. C Street has an extensive track record of advising its clients through high-profile restructurings, transformations, and crises, positioning them for long-term success. For more information, visit

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