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A market-defining Strategic Advisory and Communications firm for the most complex and unique situations.

C Street was purposely built to redefine how companies communicate in complex special situations, combining decades of  legal experience with strategic communications expertise in one firm for the first time. In 2024, C Street launched the first ever dedicated liability management communications practice to help companies and sponsors communicate with key stakeholders and the media regarding complex capital structure transactions. C Street is pioneering a new way to advise clients on strategy and communications, helping them navigate challenges and position their business for long-term success 

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Unparalleled Judgment

C Street’s market-defining approach provides a team of highly seasoned and accomplished professionals with a unique understanding of complex financial transactions and crisis management, which allows it to coordinate and collaborate with clients and their advisors in unparalleled ways. C Street’s team leverages collective experience across industries and disciplines to deliver the right expertise for specific strategies to shape media coverage, communicate powerfully with clients’ stakeholders, and maximize value. 

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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President, Strategic Communications
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Chief Operating Officer
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