Special Situations

Providing strategic advice tailored to client needs

Strong corporate leadership is more challenging now than ever before. Executives and Boards of Directors must navigate an unprecedented landscape of challenges to successfully grow their businesses, including financial challenges, technological innovation, industry disruption, and reputational risk. Skilled corporate leadership requires CEOs, C-Suites, and Boards of Directors to have trusted, experienced advisors that can help them strengthen their organizations and maximize value. 

Our Special Situations group has decades of experience advising CEOs, C-suites and Boards of Directors across industries and through business challenges. With deep expertise in law, finance, investing and communications, C Street offers clients the bespoke, strategic guidance they need to navigate the most complex and sophisticated situations. 

Corporate Strategy

Effectively develop company strategy to maximize value for clients and shareholders.

Board Engagement

Provide corporate governance advice and ensuring seamless communication between Boards of Directors and


Liability Management

Working with clients and other professionals to develop ways to enhance liquidity and adequate solutions.

Corporate Transactions

Guide companies on maximizing social impact through transformative transactions to create sustainable financial change, mitigate risk, and enhance corporate value.

Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Advise clients on the nuances of restructurings and in negotiations with stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Help clients communicate with creditors, shareholders, employees, regulators, the government and all stakeholders to build trust and enhance value.