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'You can't really put the genie back'

Updated: Jan 13

As corporate America wakes up to its deep-rooted diversity struggles, top CEOs reveal how they're rebuilding their companies around compassion

December 1, 2021 / Insider - In 2020 and 2021, a swath of companies like Tesla, Boeing, Conde Nast, and PwC published their first DEI reports, finally peeling back the curtain on their workforce data. They'll have to continue doing so, according to Alvin Tillery Jr., head of DEI advisory at the CEO consulting firm C Street Advisory. "You can't really put the genie back on that one," he said. "These diversity reports have to be married to a strategy for advancement in order to be successful."

"What's coming down the pipeline is Gen Z is aging into the workforce. These are people who don't really acknowledge the validity of the old hierarchies. They expect to be consulted. They expect to have their views heard," Tillery said. "So CEOs that want to play by older rules are going to have trouble sourcing talent and maintaining talent."

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