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Nour Abdelwahab


Nour has experience working within startup, private, and non-profit sectors analyzing data, building curriculums, and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Prior to joining C Street, she served organizations including Vocal Justice, ACLU, and Advocates for Youth, helping economically disadvantaged students nationwide build up their public speaking and civic engagement. Her energy revolves around working in anti-racism, justice, and diversity, both informally and formally, through the help of non-profit affiliates. She runs an anti-racist starter kit created in 2019 to serve as a centralized archive of books, movies, songs, mutual aid/fundraisers, and other resources to help educate on white supremacist systems and support the liberation of Black and Brown folks. 
Nour holds a B.S. in Sociology and Politics from New York University, where she was a Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar and student leader for first-generation low-income students.