Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory

Provide custom solutions tailored to client needs.


DEI must be systemic in an organization and requires active focus from a company’s leadership to effectively maximize value and ensure long-term success. Our recommendations are data-driven and grounded in best practices gleaned from case studies, scientific discoveries, and 25+ years of experience in the DEI space.

Corporate Governance

Develop governance and compliance programs and increase Board and C-suite diversity and inclusion.

Capital Allocation

Develop a plan for investing company resources in successful DEI initiatives.

Training & Coaching

Develop effective training programs and utilize expert coaches to enhance workplace culture.

Business Transformation

Effectively embed DEI into a company to maximize value in all corporate and transformational transactions.

Public & Regulatory Affairs

Understand the DEI regulatory landscape and develop key local, state, and federal government relationships.

DEI Assessment

Conduct comprehensive, tailored assessment of organizations’ strengths and challenges.

Philanthropic Giving

Recommend charitable, educational, and impact organizations that align with a company’s DEI goals.