Ensuring corporate executives are prepared for
today’s most complex challenges

Corporate Advisory

Advise CEOs, C-suites, and Boards to align and implement business goals.

Strong corporate leadership is more challenging now than ever before. Executives and Boards must navigate an unprecedented landscape of challenges to successfully grow their businesses, including social and political change, technological innovation, industry disruption, and reputational risk. Shareholders, clients, customers, and employees are demanding that businesses prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, and adeptly respond to the social and political issues of our day. Skilled corporate leadership requires CEOs, C-suites, and Boards to have trusted, experienced advisors that can guide them through this new environment and help them strengthen their organizations. 


Our Corporate Advisory team has decades of experience counseling CEOs, C-suites, and Boards across industries and through business challenges. With deep expertise in the private, public, philanthropic, and government sectors, C Street offers clients the bespoke, strategic guidance they need to anticipate business trends, build diverse and inclusive companies, and create lasting value.

Corporate Strategy

Effectively develop company strategy to maximize value for clients and shareholders.



Guide companies through transformative restructurings and other corporate transactions to create sustainable strategic and financial change.

Board Engagement

Provide corporate governance advice and ensuring seamless communication between Boards of Directors and C-suites.

Public & Regulatory Affairs

Offer clients tailored advice to successfully navigate the complex political and regulatory environment.


Provide end-to-end strategic guidance to executive teams on both the buy-side and sell-side to mitigate risk and enhance corporate value.


Counsel companies throughout the lifecycle of the go public process, including initial strategy, governance, public communications, capital structuring, regulatory requirements, and execution.

Capital Raising

Advise clients on raising capital from diverse and alternative investors.

Executive Compensation

Help develop executive compensation plans that align with organizational goals.


Jon Henes

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Wolf

Director, Strategy

Ali Krukowski

Director, Client Services & Business Development