Leveraging our clients' brands while advising them on how to navigate the complex nature of today’s world

Communications & Crisis Advisory

Drive strategy and execution for clients, tailoring solutions to specific needs and managing reputation to protect and grow shareholder value.

Stakeholders are demanding more from their leaders than ever before, and anticipating activist or opposition positions is now a critical aspect of decision-making and overall strategy.

CEO Messaging & Communications

The current environment requires leaders to be aligned with their stakeholders and able to navigate both problems and opportunities.

External Communications

Ensure tone and messaging are sensitive to stakeholders and align with company goals and values.

Crisis Communications

Manage reputational risk by being prepared and acting quickly during crisis situations.

M&A, IPO, and Restructuring Communications

Prepare leaders and refine delivery of public appearances.


Business Transformation

Effectively communicate transformation narrative to key stakeholders.

Brand Enhancement

Working with brands to best leverage their assets while also navigating the complex nature of today’s world.

Social Media Strategy

Create an authentic voice to elevate leaders and communicate to the right audience.

Social Impact Communications

Develop a protocol for leadership communications regarding social and political issues.


Melissa Prober

Head of Crisis Advisory &

General Counsel

Lisa Hernandez Gioia

Head of External Affairs & Managing Director, Communications Advisory

Maddie Sewani

Director, Communications