CEO Advisory

Providing sophisticated and commercial advice in every situation

C Street serves as the trusted and experienced advisor to CEOs, C-Suites, Boards and Sponsors to meet the moment. Today’s leaders face a complex, fast-paced world and need sophisticated guidance to address financial, business, social, and political challenges. C Street’s team has advised leaders in many industries, including crypto-currency, retail, technology, automotive, energy, industrials, printing, media, radio broadcasting, television, healthcare, education, airlines, and publishing. C Street works with leaders on a daily basis to provide strategic advice as they navigate challenges and seize value-maximizing opportunities.

CEO Positioning

Help leaders articulate their company’s central mission to enhance reputation and maximize value.

Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Advise clients on the nuances and dynamics of restructurings and bankruptcy, including communicating and negotiating with stakeholders.

Corporate Transactions

Guide companies as they engage in value maximizing transactions, including M&A, IPOs and debt exchanges.

Board Management

Help CEOs work better and more closely with their Boards of Directors to assure alignment and sound decision making.

Executive Compensation

Advise on the proper compensation amount and structure in connection with business transformations and restructurings.

Crisis Management

Mitigate risks, enhance trust, and protect reputations.

Government & Public Affairs

Amplify companies' reputations and maximize value by enhancing connections in Washington, D.C. with government leaders. 

Stakeholder Research & Analytics

Help leaders measure public perception and their companies' brand reputation in the market place, and analyze regulatory and legislature changes.